A while back, I watched a trailer for a production Will was involved in where he plays a character who was coordinationally challenged. Sometime thereafter, Will did something clumsy, and I joked that he was “always in character.” It was meant as a sincere compliment on his dedication and acting methods.

However, over the course of the next few weeks, I realized that this was not an example of life IMITATING art. Will just is “always in character.” He can’t help it.

About a week ago, I come home to find Will taking a nap, so I go sit down in front of his laptop that we share (more about this hell machine later). After a while he sits up and asks me if the computer is running fine. Well, fine is a relative state, and as far as I could tell, the machine was running as fine as we had come to expect. Why did he ask?

Will grasps the instrument of destructionWith a mixture of relief and reluctance, he admitted that he had an episode of being in character. In the all too familiar momentary lapse in motor skills, he had spilled Canada Dry Pineapple Fizz all over the laptop. A quiet, drawn out expletive escaped my mouth.

Fortunately, the computer still technically runs, albeit with sporadic fits of disagreeabilities, but we’ll make do until we finally invest in some higher grade equipment. More “Will Always in Character” stories to come as/if/when they happen.