Ice Skating, Wide Shot
Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have the grace and coordination of a really drunk toddler. I drop things every day and I fall completely over about once a week. You may remember that I killed my last computer by trying to enjoy a delicious pineapple soft drink and check my email at the same time. It’s a curse that began with the start of a long, ungainly adolescence and has continued until this day.

With this in mind, I decided to go ice skating on the last day of my winter vacation. Sure, that seems like something I should avoid, but if I’m going to fall anyway, I might as well fall enjoying myself.

To my surprise, I stayed up the whole time. Of course, it wasn’t always pretty. A lot of unsteady pinwheeling was involved and once or twice I may have even hit a wall at full speed, but up is up. Could this be the beginning of a new found equilibrium? Could I finally be ready to say good-bye to my constant companion, awkwardness? I can only hope.

My favorite moment of the day came when I was checking through my pictures. Zensho had taken a photo to prove that I had, in fact, gone to the ice skating rink and by pure coincidence captured a small boy wiping out in the background. Imagine my delight. Someone is falling in a photograph and it’s not me. I’m totally more skilled that this child, who I’m guessing is 5 or 6 years old. Victory is mine.

Ice Skating, Cropped

Eat it, kid!