January 2008

Here are the photos that go along with the activites from episode four. Sumo makes a good showing but Kanamara Matsuri is the definite highlight.

Kanamara Matsuri
Kanamara Matsuri – Penis Fest

Sumo. Some photos in this album taken by Jim Dertz and Robert Allman.

Japanic TV - Episode 04
Japanic TV Episode 04

It’s been exactly one year since episode 3 of JapanicTV was released, and finally the Turks are back in action. This episode deals with some of the more adult things that they saw during their time in Japan. There’s a festival dedicated to a metal member, a store specializing in safe sex and more, a comic convention with some naughty books, and some sports, which actually are pretty tame. Help welcome the Turks back by watching the show, telling a friend, and leaving a comment.

Be warned: this one is not for kids.

Direct Download: http://www.japanictv.com/video_files/JapanicTV_Episode_04.m4v