January 2009

Japanic TV - Episode 05
Japanic TV Episode 05

It seems only fitting that on the anniversary (give or take a day) of episodes three and four, the Turks return with episode five. This one focuses on the cute kids. Witness them at play in the Children’s Castle and enjoying a Tamagotchi fest, or learning under Zensho’s expert tutelage. If you’re not into the kawaii chibi scene, we also have another fast food round up and a look at Kawasaki J-League soccer team, the Frontale.

Direct Download: http://www.japanictv.com/video_files/JapanicTV_Episode_05.m4v

JapanicTV Quick Video 06 - New Years Eve - 2009
JapanicTV Quick Video 06 – New Years Eve 2009

Another year, another post: Zensho celebrates the ringing in of the year of the ox by joining revelers in Shibuya, revelers he finds despite the lack of organized celebration having been planned by the city or community.
Direct Download: http://www.japanictv.com/video_files/JapanicTV_QuickVid_06_NYE2009.m4v

Get excited, dear viewer. The Turks haven’t forgotten you, and there is surely more on the way soon.