WillWill grew up in rural Kentucky. From his parents’ house, you can see no other houses. There is over a mile of road between the doorstep and the place where the gravel ends and the pavement begins. Don’t misunderstand, It’s nice. The countryside is beautiful and there are some good people around. There isn’t a lot to do, though.

After high school, Will went to Purdue University in Indiana. It was a big change constantly having things to do and people to do them with. A change for the better. While studying computer graphics, he decided that he wanted to be an animator. After graduation he returned home to the much slower pace of Kentucky living.

Job offers were not forthcoming.

After a few months of living with the parents, he decided that he needed a change. One evening in his Turk brother Zenso mentioned in passing that he was considering a move to Japan. Will was intrigued. The more he thought about it, the more Japan seemed like a wonderful idea. After all, Tokyo had to be a pretty happening place. What could break up the monotony of rural living better than a move to the largest city in the world?

After obtaining a job and work visa, Will did a brief stint as a substitute teacher in the local school system to raise funds and in early 2006, he made the trip to Japan.

The rest, you can see for yourself.