Born in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo to an American mother and Japanese father, Zensho is a proud member of the hybrid community. Having not only a bi-racial, but a BICULTURAL background is something that Zensho cherishes and is extremely grateful for being so lucky to have experienced. He grew up in Tokyo, where he attended the local Japanese public elementary school. He straddled the line of Japanese and gaijin, socializing seamlessly with both communities. Then, at the age of 12, circumstances led the family to move to the slumbering southside suburbs of Naptown, USA (that’s Indianapolis, IN).

After doing moderately well in the American school system, Zensho moved on to Purdue University. He graduated early and proceeded to move back in with his parents where He spent a whole depressing year doing nothing but kidding himself. His parents grew concerned and gave him a few suggestions, one of them being a move to Japan. He off-handedly mentions this to his Turk brother Will, and Zensho was surprised to hear it so well received (and so seriously considered).
A brief stop in Chicago and the two Turks found themselves in Japan.

Why Japan? There are several personal reasons for Zensho. Even though Japan is always a possibility, realistically he knows that he will likely spend the rest of his life in the states. But after graduating university, and without a career, the no-strings-attached Zensho felt it was the perfect time to do something he had always toyed with at the back of his mind: to reconnect with his childhood home.