Quick Video 05
JapanicTV Quick Video 05 - Open Mic Night, Part 3
JapanicTV Quick Video 05 – Open Mic Night, Part 3

For the final song Double Happiness bassist Joash is invited to the stage to add some low frequencies. The Peanut wraps up it’s set with Army, by Ben Folds. The three onstage believe that it may quite possibly be the greatest karaoke song of all time. It turns out, it’s even more fun to play it live. Hear now the last song ever played during the short but bright career of Bleedin’ Peanut. And yes, there’s another naughty word. Children consider yourselves warned.
Direct Download: http://www.japanictv.com/video_files/JapanicTV_QuickVid_05_Rock03.m4v
YouTube Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=u099V5zH_Mg

Quick Video 04
JapanicTV Quick Video 04 - Open Mic Night, Part 2
JapanicTV Quick Video 04 – Open Mic Night, Part 2

After their genre-hopping opening, Will and Terry decided to show that they appreciate the classics. First they nod their collective head to GnR, with an accoustic version of Mr. Brownstone, in which Will momentarily forgets some words. They follow that up with a Japanese instrumental that can only be described as Legendary. Or even Zeldariffic. And yes, there is some salty language. Don’t freak out.

Direct Download: http://www.japanictv.com/video_files/JapanicTV_QuickVid_04_Rock02.m4v
YouTube Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=trwHCBsw0BE

Quick Video 03
JapanicTV Quick Video 03 - Open Mic Night, Part 1
JapanicTV Quick Video 03 – Open Mic Night, Part 1

In early February, Will teamed up with his coworker Terry to form the band known as Bleedin’ Peanut. Or Bloody Peanut. Sometimes people used that name instead. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the duo practiced upwards of 2 times and then hit the open mic stage at The Ruby Room, a small bar in Shibuya. Performing immediately after Double Happiness, another coworker’s band, they showed up with only two goals:

  1. Rock.
  2. Get through the entire set without a panic attack.

It truly was a magical night of music. Here is the first part of their set.

Direct Download: http://www.japanictv.com/video_files/JapanicTV_QuickVid_03_Rock01.m4v
YouTube Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=WaKO8sQV7gI

Quick Video 02
JapanicTV Quick Video 02 - Pain Station Round 2
JapanicTV Quick Video 02 – Pain Station Round 2

Here’s another quickvideo from the Turks. You may recall in Episode 3 that Will and Zensho got to play a little arcade game called the Painstation. Well, in this quickvideo, the Turks manage to persuade a young J-Dude to play Will.

Direct Download: http://www.japanictv.com/video_files/JapanicTV_QuickVid_02_PSRound2.m4v
YouTube Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=o6z009XBtZQ

Episode 03
Japanic TV - Episode 03
Japanic TV Episode 03

This time around the Turks check out some more technologically advanced art at the Electrical Fantasista, climb the highest mountain in Japan, and put their newly acquired status as members of the press to good use at the Tokyo Anime Fair. Also, two new recurring segments are introduced. Don’t miss this first full episode of the new year, now in a glorious higher resolution.

Direct Download: http://www.japanictv.com/video_files/JapanicTV_Episode_03.m4v

Quick Video 01
JapanicTV Quick Video 01 - New Years Eve
JapanicTV Quick Video 01 – New Years Eve

This year the Turks are resolving to make more episodes. A lot of footage has been shot, it just has to be edited into something worth watching. To hold you over, JapanicTV proudly presents their first quick video. It’s not a whole episode, but it’s still fun. Here are the Turks in action celebrating New Years Eve in style at Tokyo nightclub Womb. A good time was had by all. Special thanks to Reuben for the music playing underneath the vid.

Direct Download: http://www.japanictv.com/video_files/JapanicTV_QuickVid_01_NYE.m4v

Episode 02
Japanic TV - Episode 02
Japanic TV Episode 02

Turks don’t mind a good party, and in this episode they share some of the holiday related festivals that happen in their neck of the woods. Also, they go to an exhibit about an excellent animated movie, and poke around NHK studios.

Direct Download: http://www.japanictv.com/video_files/JapanicTV_Episode_02.m4v

Episode 01
Japanic TV - Episode 01
Japanic TV Episode 01

On JapanicTV’s maiden voyage, the turks tell a little bit about their pasts, explore different housing arrangements, and take a look at some very modern art. Also, Will registers as a foreign resident, and first impressions are given by both.

Direct Download: http://www.japanictv.com/video_files/JapanicTV_Episode_01.m4v